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Title: REDESIGN - Time For Treats!
Category: graphic design

About project:

Time for Treats!

Creative Agency METAMORFOZA likes changes! Especially, when the changes take place on the initiative of the client. This time we took a part in the redesign of the brand «Times For Treats!» It all started from simple logo’s redesign and turn to full-scale trade line. Here's an overview of what has already been done:


Logo-Typography. Since the logo must be the main element of the design for labels, at the initial stage, we decided that the logo will be designed in the «typography style». This decision was successful and also very effective.  The new logo looks gorgeous in the maximum size on the label and at the same time in miniature in a limited space. Plus it is kind of a trend!

Corporate Colors.

The main colors were chosen in the following ones: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. For additional colors: pink and purple. The colors in this case are the part of marketing or merchandising. The completed package must look great on the shelves no matter how many individual products are in the group. All trading range for today has about 8 different objects: syrups for ice, popsicle molds, ice shavers, and even crazy straws. Each piece has its own colorful packaging that directly complements the overall style of the trade line. But even apart from the family group, any product looks finished and bright!

Project Association.

Separately, I would like to touch the association line that became the inspiration for our team. For the key ideas we chose the following words: sea, beach, party, juice, ice cream, sun, ice, sprinkles, fun ... We believe that the mood can be dictated by design, and one should not forget it especially in terms of impulsive consumer category. And it is what we actually use! Time for a treat! Time for fun!

To be continued…

Creative Team
Creative Team