metamorfoza creative agency

Title: Mermaid & Jewelry
Client: Zarina Jewelry
Category: Creative advertisement

About project:

CATCH DEPENDS ON THE BAIT! – it is a life-affirming rule! Most important thing is that this message is understandable to any fisherman!

All men are inherently fishermen, and even if they do not spend most of their free time fishing on the river, the hunter instinct is felt. Everyone dreams to catch the biggest fish, the motive for this is the desire to boast! So to say a reason for pride.


The team of Metamorfoza Creative  Agency developed a print for The Jewelry House “ZARINA”, dedicated to the International Women's Day on March, 8.

 The idea was taken from the image of modern fisherman. But unlike other fishermen, his approach to fishing is significantly different from the traditional method. It's all about the women. They as a weaker sex, show their weakness towards jewelry! Apparently glitter of another expensive thing captivates them no less than the glare of a brand new spanner in troubled waters for fish. The fish reacts instantly, a woman does too! It turns out that in order to be a fisherman it will be enough to have at least a gold ring and the catch is guaranteed. Women love jewelry!

In the end it resulted in a very creative print which was able to convey to the audience the basic idea:

March, 8 = women, women=jewelry!


сreative team
Solomein Kirill