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Title: Family Crest
Client: Solomein's family
Category: Logotype

About project:

"The Ugly Duckling" is a fairy tale known almost for everyone. In 1843, the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen opened to the world an amazing story about how the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan. The story is complicated and before all these wonderful changes occurred, the ugly duckling had to go through a lot of tests: hatred, wandering, stress, humiliation, depression, and in the end the desire to commit suicide. In the end everything ended well. But here's the question: is it possible to just avoid it?

Let's picture for a moment how would change the course of events, if for example a duckling knew about its origin? Clearly, the story would have been to be cut, because there would be no place for persecution, for wandering, and even for problems. Unfortunately, the beautiful moment of disguise too would have been removed. But will our main character feel worse because of that? Definitely "Not!", because now it is not the ugly duckling that is not like the others, now it's the swan and the rest are not like him. Now it knows who it is! Interesting how one small detail changes the whole story!

In a modern world there still are "ugly ducklings", and too many of them. There is even a feeling that transformation happens in a reverse order: from the beautiful to the horrific (from good to bad). Why is this happening? There are many reasons, but the most important is that it is too late for us to find out who we really are! For some reason humanity has ceased to treat themselves with respect. We are even beginning to forget about family values and what really needs to be proud of! Today, buying a new iphone gives more reasons to assert themselves than the memories of our grandparents, which who fell death for our peace or freedom.

What a pity. That is a pity, because in the history of our ancestors wise lessons are hidden. There is a huge heritage which we should not forget. Knowing the history, we know who we are. We are forced to think that a status in the modern world can only approve something tangible and really expensive. But that doesn't work with t history of our forefathers. It is easier to believe that only a billioner can possess the title of Prince, the emperor or Sheikh. Is it our right is what would be called "a citizen"? That is our problem, we don't know who we are. ... We do not know their own value.

Of course, there is no such a price, because human life and soul are priceless, but there is personal self-esteem, due to which, any person taken separately or as a part of his/her family, be tougher, stronger and more confident in everything. One sturdy stone is good, but a lot of hard stones is a fortress! Families are a fortress, and just in it correct self-assessment, founded by solid principles, personal example and eternal memory to the ancestors should be formed. Self-esteem is not a nickname, spread for our shortcomings, this is a last name that we have earned through labour and desire to be a part of the same family.

Here is a small example of family values: I studied at the same University, where my father had studied. Once a professor from the Architecture Department asked me if I am not the son that very Solomein, who had studied here a few years ago? I answered: "Yes!". He said: "Excellent!", he was well acquainted with my father and knew him as a responsible and honest man, and since I am the son of Solomein, then I automatically was considered his copy and immediately had the same level of credibility as he did. My father taught me what he knew himself, I didn't let him down, now I teach my children the same principles and values.  And if one of my daughters chooses the Architect Institute, where my father and I had studied, then I will know what will be Professor Kaptikov’s question.

I know that there are families in which family principles are kept and remembered, they know who they actually are, just as there are those who completely forgot about it. I understand that the entire world cannot be changed, and it does not cancel the fact that fashion and trends will be followed by many, automatically forgetting about family values. But for those for whom such words as memory, family and history still mean anything, creative agency METAMORFOZA will help you create a family crest. The family crest as a symbol that will always remember the lovely transformation from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! The symbol that should be always remembered, about what you actually are! Let everyone know! Let everyone remember! Let everyone be jealous!

P.s. METAMORFOZA creative agency and I wish your family crest and self-esteem became your family proud, but not pride!

Let the changes begin!

сreative team
Solomein Kirill