metamorfoza creative agency


We are a creative agency «METAMORFOZA». We believe in beautiful, we believe that everything can be changed, you do not need to fear the changes: «Changes are always for the better!».

Our ideology is based on the principle set out by Oscar Wild a century ago. He said: «Ugly can be beautiful. Cute will never be». This means that if in this world there is something around us that inappropriate ideal, this is only a temporary phenomenon that will eventually entail mandatory transformation for the better! We are convinced that everything in this world can be changed for the better, all except for our principles:

The Principle I: «Changes need freedom!»

We are not afraid to be out of standards, we break the rules and limits to benefit the most!

The Principle II: «Changes need resources!»

We use all available and non-available possibilities to accomplish positive outcomes!

The Principle III: «Changes need time!»

We are not rushing, we are ready to wait, to be the most effective!

Creative Agency «METAMORFOZA» - is one of the leading agencies in today's market, which specializes in highly - intellectual, highly - financed and most importantly, highly - effective projects!

We like none else know that the process of transformation of the ordinary caterpillar to extraordinarily beautiful butterfly is a task for those who are courageous. We invite to cooperate only brave, only obsessed with the desire to fly and ready for change people!

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